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Dr. Sanjay Rai Co-Authors Book "Pathways to Real Analysis"

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Published: Jun 3 2009 12:00AM

Montgomery College Instructional Dean of Science, Engineering and Mathematics Dr. Sanjay Rai co-authored a mathematics book for college students and college teachers in science, technology and mathematical sciences (STEM).

"Pathways to Real Analysis," co-authored with Terrance J. Quinn, was published in April of this year. According to Dr. Rai, the book treats several important results from the undergraduate and first-year graduate mathematics curriculum. The approach helps students follow natural pathways of discovery toward key insights in calculus, analysis and applied analysis. Often by-passed, Rai explains, these key insights are "needed not only in order for a student to really appreciate what is going on in each venue, but as a basis for technical competence in applications and also for understanding key elements in the proofs of a number of important results."

The book was written over a two-year period and Dr. Rai says it was well worth the time and effort.

"A project like this takes a significant amount of time and support from colleagues, friends and certainly family," he said.

Dr. Rai said writing the book has helped open his own personal reflections on mathematics and its teaching and he's always been a supporter of content-based pedagogy.

"Many Montgomery College faculty members are active in academic publications," Dr. Rai said. "In addition to professional development of our faculty, academic publications also are helpful for the College's reputation as a post-secondary institution."

Dr. Rai sees Montgomery College among the best community colleges in the nation and looks forward to seeing it grow to a national leader in science, engineering and math in the coming years.

"We are working on doing our part in meeting the national challenge to double the number of STEM graduates by 2015," he says. "There is also President Obama's desire to make the United States one of the top countries in the world in terms of percentages of the population getting bachelor's degrees, by 2020. At MC, success in mathematics will be critical and we would like to take a lead role in the national arena in contributing to student success in mathematics, science and engineering."

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