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Friday, September 24

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MC Nursing Hosts First "Camp Little Nurse"

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Category: College/Campus News

Published: Sep 24 2010 12:00AM

In a soft Darth Vader like voice, with pursed lips taking in and blowing out air, a precocious Alani Johnson, age 8, announced "that's simulating what your lungs sound like." She demonstrated and discussed what she learned and liked most about the first Camp Little Nurse held by the Nursing Skills Simulation Lab (NSSL) at Montgomery College.

On a rainy morning Friday the 13th morning, a morning which is often characterized by the lore of superstitions, 10 children, ranging in age from eight to eleven, spent four hours learning about and living the role of health care professionals. These children were part of a pilot program in the Nursing Department for future camp offerings for children in the community. The first of its kind in the department, Camp Little Nurse provided the children with the chance to learn about health care career offerings at Montgomery College and the work of the NSSL. And, since many of the children that participated were relatives of NSSL staff, it also provided an opportunity for the kids to "see what we do; and do what we do," as the camp notice indicated.

After a quick morning snack, the children received an overview of the NSSL. They were then shown, "Health Sciences: The Movie," a wonderful MC production about health care career opportunities at the college.

Thereafter, the children were broken down into three groups. First, each child learned about the importance of good hand hygiene and was given a demonstration of proper hand-washing techniques.

The children were then asked for a return demonstration of skill mastery. "Eww, what is that?...Hey look, you got a lot of germs on your fingernails...Look at your bracelet, it's covered," were among some of the comments from the children as simulated germs were revealed when they placed their "cleaned" hands under a special light for inspection.

Thereafter, the children were each given a stethoscope and shown the proper techniques for listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds. Lots of laughter ensued as each listened to their own body sounds and that of a partner through their stethoscopes.

The three groups were then separated and circulated through three stations. Station one was a tour of the entire NSSL including a stop in the simulated labor and delivery suite and baby nursery. The students had a chance to learn about the low and moderate fidelity mannequins used to assist nursing students in developing competence and confidence in mastery of their nursing skills. Following the tour, each student partnered with another to participate in a "safe" wheel chair race. Here, the goal was to transport their partner safely down the hall and back without running.

Station two consisted of the control booth of the tech room for high fidelity simulation. Here, the children observed their peers through a two-way mirror as the peers participated in an interactive scenario involving a high fidelity computerized mannequin-patient (SIM man). Wearing headsets and working with the controls, the children were able to become "the voice" of the patient-mannequin as well as change some of the physiologic processes for him(heart rate, coughing sounds, lung sounds, etc.).

The third station consisted of direct patient interaction with SIM man in the patient-care room. There, the children under the direction and supervision of the NSSL-RN, performed interventions on behalf of the patient as assistive personnel.

The end of the day culminated in a pizza party, review of all that the students learned and the opportunity to win prizes in the context of a power point jeopardy game. With each appropriate response, the students won a prize. At the end of the event, NSSL staff provided each student with a bag from materials obtained through various sources. Among the give-aways contained in the bag were: T-shirts, pens, pins, coloring books and other literature from the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future; a stuffed animal nurse and Montgomery College literature obtained from Camille Scott, MC recruiter; a miniature brain stress toy, coloring books, hand-sanitizer and age-appropriate public health literature from Angeline Bell, RN (MC Alumni and public health nurse); and a book about Florence Nightingale.

Helping to make the event a success was the NSSL staff of: Patsy O'Meara, Patience Mbulu, Rose Kronziah, Chrismond Sharpe-Mason, Linda Friday, Cassandra Hall and Kathy Awkard. Special assistance as camp counselors came from Christopher and Christine Mbulu who not only decorated and packed the bags for give-aways, and helped to managed the children, but also took pictures to memorialize the event.

For more information about future offerings, please contact the NSSL Coordinator, Patsy O'Meara at Patricia.O'

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