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New S.O.S Committee Initiated by The President

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Published: May 3 2011 9:13AM

When seeking help from one of many collegewide central administration offices, how would you characterize your experience?

Were your needs and questions met and answered in a timely and courteous way?


Were you left frustrated and scratching your head?

Dr. DeRionne Pollard, Montgomery College president, recently initiated the Service, Outreach and Support committee, informally referred to as the S.O.S. committee with members representing students, faculty, and staff from all three campuses.

Through a process of internal examination and with information garnered from the Employee Engagement Survey, members of the S.O.S. committee will explore, define, and recommend improved approaches for the central administration offices to adopt when assisting students, faculty, and staff.

S.O.S. committee updates from the president and/or committee members will be shared periodically through Inside MC Online. At any time, feel free to share questions or thoughts about our efforts with any of the committee co-chairs or subcommittee co-chairs listed.

<b>Co-chairs of the S.O.S. Committee: </b>
Nancy Nuell and Susan Sullivan

<b>Co-chairs of S.O.S. Subcommittees: </b>
Service Creed Subcommittee
Kevin Long and Janet Wormack

<b>Activities and Physical Space Subcommittee:</b>
Stacey Miller and Jacki Zappala

<b>Research, Communications, and Marketing Subcommittee:</b>
Tina Bak and Denise Matheny

<b>Professional Development and Recognition Subcommittee: </b>
Marci Applewhite and Debra Bright

<b>Central Administration Offices:</b>
Office of the President
Board Relations
Equity and Diversity
Institutional Advancement
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Institutional Research and Analysis
Employee Engagement and Labor Relations
General Counsel
Office of Business Services
Human Resources
Information Technology
Auxiliary Services

For a comprehensive organizational chart, please review Chapter II - Organization of the Official Collegewide Policies and Procedures online manual:

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