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College to Pilot Pay-for-Print System This Summer

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Published: May 23 2011 12:00AM

Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Office of the Senior Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Services

May 16, 2011


To: Montgomery College Community

From: Paula Matuskey, Interim Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Marshall Moore, Senior Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Services

Subject: Implementation of Pay-for-Print System

For several years, College officials have monitored the increasing costs associated with printing done in learning centers, labs, and libraries. Research completed by the College's Print Management Committee-a team of faculty, staff, and administrators-identified 29 public printers at the College that generate an estimated 10.7 million printed pages annually. This level of free printing costs the College more than $175,000 annually. Therefore, in its April 2010 report, the committee recommended the adoption of a pay-for-print system as the best, cost-effective solution for all learning centers, labs, and libraries. Similar pay-for-print systems have already been implemented successfully at other colleges and universities across the country, as more and more higher education institutions eliminate free printing and adopt a greener and more cost-effective method to provide printing in high-use areas.

Based upon this information, Montgomery College will pilot a pay-for-print system this summer, with full implementation in the fall. This system will initially replace free printers at College libraries, learning centers, and laboratories. Additional print kiosks may be added after the initial implementation. By implementing this system, the College will realize cost savings, encourage print conservation, support environmental practices, and enhance revenue.

The pay-for-print system is similar to the model used by college food and beverage vendors. The College will provide the sites for the print vending kiosks, and the print vendor will assume all costs related to equipment, service, and maintenance. Payment for printing will be through the use of a debit, credit card or declining balance card which will be available in each campus bookstore. The College and the vendor will share the revenue generated by the pay-for-print system. Through this arrangement, Montgomery College will ensure that students and our community members receive access to the best possible printing equipment-with high-quality, black and white and color printing-without having to invest in hardware, software, supplies and paper.

Dr. Kathi Carey-Fletcher, director of auxiliary services and coordinator of this project, and other members of her team have recently been reaching out to students, faculty, and staff, through governance groups, to share information about the system. We encourage you to contact Dr. Carey-Fletcher if you would like to have her speak to your group before or during the implementation process or if you have ideas about other ways to communicate with stakeholders about this initiative.

As we continue to work out the details of the system, we look forward to keeping you informed. Thank you for your support.

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