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Friday, November 18

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Video Blog for the MC Community: Dr. Pollard Congratulates the National Champs and the Professor of the Year!

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WD&CE Customer Service Offices to Be Closed Friday, November 18, 2011

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National Champs Land on the Front Page of Gazette's Sports Section

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Board of Trustees Meeting

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Student, Employee Input to Guide College Athletic Reinvigoration


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MC Wellness Rockville Invites You to the "Huff Then Stuff" Turkey Trek on Nov. 22

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Tea/Coffee Pot Exhibit Now Open at MC-Rockville


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MC Student Receives Special National Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship


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Grocery Stores in Montgomery County to Start Charging for Use of Plastic Bags Jan. 1.

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Emergency Training Exercises Scheduled for Nov. 23

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Get Your 2012 Calendars Now! Artwork Created by Early Learning Center Children

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Attend Special Guided Tour of New Science Center at Rockville Campus

Black Bubbles (Holes), Gravity to the Max: or how c, G, and M make a bubble in the fabric of time-space (reality)!

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Category: MC Events

Published: Nov 18 2011 12:00AM

Gravity bends light. If gravity is too strong it bends light completely. Gravity bends (distorts) not only space, but space-time. This planetarium show is a friendly introduction to the General Theory of Relativity suitable for general audiences. You do not have to know what the local metricization of Riemannian manifolds are to appreciate the basis and the results of the General Theory of Relativity. Black Bubbles are the most extreme results of this theory; some people also call these black bubbles, black holes, but bubbles capture a better picture of the events horizon and what really goes on there. They are literally Gravity to the Max. By looking at something in its most extreme case facets that are not revealed in mundane application like normal falling motion on the earth are shown.

The infinite time dilation (time asymmetry) between an outside the bubble observer and an observer who decides to visit the bubble are explained. Some of the other weird properties of Black Bubbles including resent observation of the vicinity of a black bubble in the center of our galaxy will be shared with the audience. Anyone with an inquiring mind and imagination of a typical third grader can enjoy this planetarium show.

Caption: Image from; of a simulated view of a black bubble (hole) in front of the Milky Way Galaxy. The black bubble is 10 solar masses so its Schwarzschild radius, events horizon radius, is 30 kilometers, and is viewed from a distance of 600 kilometers which is 200 Schwarzschild radii away and essentially Newtonian gravity at this far distance of 600 kilometers from the Bubble.

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