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Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility Notice

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Category: Payroll

Published: Jan 6 2014 12:00AM

Please see the attached memorandum regarding eligibility rules for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Earned Income Credit Memorandum

Tax General Article 10-913 requires an employer to provide, on or before December 31, 2013, electronic or written notice to an employee who may be eligible for the federal and Maryland EITC.

Employees need to be advised that eligibility for the federal and Maryland Earned Income Tax Credit may be applicable if both their federal adjusted gross income and their earned income is less than the following:

$46,227 ($51,567 for married filing jointly) if they have three or more qualifying children
$43,038 ($48,378 for married filing jointly) if they have two qualifying children
$37,870 ($43,210 for married filing jointly). if they have one qualifying child
$14,340 ($19,680 for married filing jointly) if they do not have a qualifying child

Employees who meet this income eligibility should be advised to go to the Internal Revenue Service website at or contact their tax adviser, to see if they meet the other federal criteria. Employees who meet all of the federal requirements may be eligible for a Maryland credit up to one- half of the federal EITC, but not greater than the state income tax. Additionally, certain employees may also qualify for a refundable Maryland credit, or a local EITC.

View the official memorandum at:

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