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Extend Your Student's Productive Exposure with ShowMe

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Category: It's Academic

Published: 2014-01-29 00:00:01.000

Extend Your Student's Productive Exposure with ShowMe

Richard Pires is always looking for a way to extend the productive exposure his students have to the material in his course. He has often noted that he gets to meet with students for only 3 hours of the 168 hours they have available each week. Given all of the competing demands on his students' time - other courses, work, family, Facebook, and even occasionally sleep- he realizes that any strategy to extend his courses' fingerprint on his students' lives has to be engaging, effective, and time efficient.

Richard uses an app on his iPad called ShowMe to supplement his instruction. ShowMe allows him to use his iPad as a digital white board, to record images and sound in order to prepare files for viewing by his students. He has used this app for a myriad of different purposes. He creates tutorials on topics that his students have seemed to struggle with in class. He also uses it to create video answer keys to exams, which provide the students not only with the answers, but also with an explanation of how the answers were arrived at. In addition, he has used ShowMe to record and document key parts of lecture, making the recordings available for student review outside of class.

ShowMe is complimentary to a program like Jing in several ways. First, since most of the content is handwritten on the iPad, unlike Jing, where content is generally created with another program before it is captured, the recordings created by ShowMe have a less formal feel to them, and are easier to create. This ease of creation allows for the generation of videos in a shorter amount of time, and allows for the instructor to be more responsive to student needs because of this. Also, while keeping videos short is always a good thing, the five minute cutoff with Jing can be frustrating if you have five minutes and one second of material to record. While pictures and external content can be brought into ShowMe, applications which require lots of external content are probably better suited to Jing.

ShowMe videos can be stored and distributed in several ways. The recording is stored externally on the ShowMe website, and a link can be sent by e-mail allowing students to access the video. You can also collect links for related topics, and paste them into a word document, then distribute the word document. In addition, videos can be downloaded and saved as QuickTime files.

If you are interested in using ShowMe, begin by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the app store or and download ShowMe (the app is free)
2. Set up an account (not required but helpful for managing recordings)
3. Set up personal preferences.
4. Click on create new recording.
5. Start recording

Richard Pires is an associate professor of chemistry at the Germantown Campus.

To save a copy of this article, click or visit our archive for additional articles highlighting a variety of learning technologies at

The Teaching Tips With Technology archive is a collection of articles submitted by MC faculty. Articles are submitted with the purpose of sharing stories that highlight successful integration of technology in the classroom to increase participation, motivation, and engagement.


Faculty interested in sharing teaching tips with technology are highly encouraged to submit an article to Gloria Barron at

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