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Wednesday, January 29


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Dr. Greg Wahl, Professor of the Year, Receives Proclamation from County Council President

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We've got Catching Up to Do! Town Hall Meeting, Feb. 6 in the Cultural Arts Center Gallery

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Engineers Without Borders Student Chapter at Montgomery College Needs Information and Volunteers


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Elite Company: MC Eligible for $1 Million Aspen Prize

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New CPOD Class "Healthy Self-Image" on Feb. 7

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Former MC Football Star and Hall of Fame Inductee Patrick Cole Honored at Athletic Alumni Recognition

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MC-Smithsonian Faculty Fellows Tout Benefits of Museum-Based Learning at Conferences


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HRDE Deadline for Payroll Processing - B2 Payroll

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National Wear Red Day in Support of Heart Health Month is Feb. 7

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UMBC to Host a Workshop on STEM Scholarship Programs Feb. 4 at Mannakee Central Services Building

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Faculty Spotlight: 10 Questions with Professor Sharon Anthony

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Complimentary Tickets Available for Faculty, Staff, and Students for Saturday's Vienna Concert-Verein Orchestra


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Students May Use Remaining Student Financial Aid at MC Books & More

Faculty Spotlight: 10 Questions with Professor Sharon Anthony

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Category: MC Spotlight

Published: 2014-01-29 00:00:01.000

Every couple weeks, Inside MC will feature a Q&A with a Montgomery College faculty member. We'll ask the same 10 questions to everybody and they are, as you can see below, designed to be fun and a bit outside the box. Enjoy!

<b>Today's Spotlight: Sharon Anthony, Professor of English, Montgomery College, Germantown Campus</b>

1.Where are you from originally and where did you attend college?
I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and attended my first two years of college at the Community College of Baltimore County, in Catonsville, Maryland. After completing my associate of arts degree, I transferred to the University of Maryland Baltimore County where I completed my bachelor's degree and my master's degree.

2.Growing up, what did you want to be?
While, as a child, I flirted briefly with the idea of becoming an astronaut and, later, an aeronautical engineer, my true passion was always to become a teacher. In fact, I remember being very young and "teaching" my stuffed animals, dolls, and even my brother's R2D2 robot from a vocabulary workbook. I loved it so much, and even though I've held many jobs, I am so happy that my life's path has led me to be an English teacher here at such a wonderful school as Montgomery College.

3. Who has influenced you the most in life?
My husband, David, has long been my best friend and confidante. He has taught me how to manage my time and priorities, how to relax amid chaos, how important balance is in life, how to love, and how to believe in myself. Without a doubt, he has influenced my life and seen the best in me even when I can't.

4. What do you consider your favorite 'hobby?'
Besides a passion for cooking and for making jewelry, I just love reading! I have been known to lose an entire day while absorbed in a book. My children often complain that I lose track of time when I'm swept off to exciting plots and exotic settings of the novels I love so much.

5. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one band or musician would help keep your sanity?
Stevie Ray Vaughan was an amazing guitarist and song writer. His music touches my soul and transports me to a great state of mind. His blues would be an excellent survival tool on anywhere or any island, deserted or not!

6. If there is one favorite food you just couldn't live without, what would it be?

7. If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?
As any of my EN 208, Women in Literature, students could confirm, I would love to travel back in time and meet Sojourner Truth. She was an escaped slave, a vocal abolitionist, a public speaker promoting equality for all, and an amazingly courageous and eloquent woman. As one of the only advocates for the rights of African-American women, she outspokenly captivated crowds of people throughout the 1800s with her impressive speeches. Even though she was illiterate and an escaped slave who risked her very life by speaking out against unfair cultural practices, even pointing out culprits in her own audience, she could mesmerize crowds of people with her deeply resonating voice. She was so bold and so charismatic, with her unique blend of humor, powerful words. and song, I would love to, just once, hear her speak in person.

8. If you won the Powerball, your first vacation would be to...?
Without question, you would find me sitting on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean watching the sun rise and set over tranquil turquoise waters - with no cell phone, laptop, or papers to be graded!

9. What's the best advice you would give to an aspiring educator?
Love what you teach! Your passion will fuel the energy in the class. Try to find ways to actively involve students in the subject you love so much. Enjoy each day of this very creative profession that will be such a strong part of who you are and who you become.

10. And finally, what is the best part about being an MC faculty member?
For me, the absolute best part of being an MC faculty member is the people, including the students who brighten each day, who teach me so much about life and the world, and who inspire me to be a better teacher and a better person - as well as my wonderful colleagues who are impressive role models and just great friends.

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