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Governance Works -- Spring 2016

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Published: May 26 2016 12:00AM

This week, governance wraps up a busy semester in which councils have worked diligently to address concerns and provide feedback to the College on many issues of importance to constituents across the institution. Following are a few ways in which your voices have been heard through governance this spring:

<b>Non-Retaliation for Participation in Governance.</b> In April the Board of Trustees approved a modification to Policy & Procedure 31101-Employee Privileges, expressing the College's commitment to provide an environment in which employees can participate freely in governance and any other College public forums or meetings without being subject to undue influence or fear of retaliation. The language was developed by the Staff Council in collaboration with Kevin Long in the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness and is intended as a statement of principle by the Board of Trustees that provides protection to employees.

<b>Safety and Security.</b> Councils continued to consider campus safety and security matters, and in April the Germantown Campus Council and College Council passed resolutions requesting that the College establish a timeline and specific schedule for emergency preparedness trainings, to include active shooter response trainings, for the College community. The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management has been responsive to governance concerns, and in May announced the availability of active shooter response trainings for employees that will be held once a month on each main campus and an off-campus location. The office has also discussed concerns with the Student Council and is working with Student Affairs to make the training available online for students and to include a presentation on safety and security at all new student orientations.

<b>Expanded Hours for the Campus Shuttle.</b> At the beginning of the spring semester, the hours of the campus shuttle were expanded to accommodate student schedules better. The changes were made in response to a request from the Student Council and recommendations from the Operational Services Council for earlier departure times in the morning and later departure times in the evening. The Student Council also worked directly with Facilities to communicate other student suggestions and concerns about shuttle service.

<b>Engagement With College Plans and Processes.</b> Constituent input was increasingly sought--and incorporated--as the College moved forward on a number of critical undertakings. Governance councils were asked for feedback on the Middle States Self-Study Design, the creation of an Academic Master Plan, a review of the Montgomery College 2020 strategic plan, and the development of a draft Employee Code of Conduct, to name but a few. In addition, Kevin Long gave regular briefings to councils on updates to existing Policies and Procedures as well as new policies under consideration, encouraging increased participation in the public comment process.

<b>Student Resources Directory.</b> At the request of the Student Council, the College Council passed a recommendation asking the College to compile a single list of resources and services available to students, including the location and a brief description of each, and to make the list available online, through e-mail, and at appropriate locations on campuses. The goal is to increase student awareness and use of these resources. The recommendation was forwarded to Dr. Pollard. She assigned it to Dr. Brown who is overseeing the work beginning this summer.

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