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Governance Works -- Spring 2016 (Continued)

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Category: Governance

Published: May 26 2016 12:00AM

Governance has also asked senior leadership to consider recommendations regarding the following issues:

<b>Voluntary Sick Leave Bank.</b> In response to a constituent concern, the Staff Council researched voluntary sick leave bank benefits offered by other Maryland colleges and universities as well as state and local agencies. After the Staff Council and College Council passed resolutions, the recommendation to create a voluntary sick leave bank at Montgomery College was forwarded to HRSTM for an analysis of pertinent laws, Policies and Procedures, and best practices. The analysis will be forwarded to Dr. Pollard for review, and a decision is expected in the fall.

<b>Food Services.</b> The Student Council will be working closely with the Student Senates and the Office of Procurement next fall to address student concerns about the cost, quality, and variety of food options from one campus to the next, as well as cafeteria hours and atmosphere. A student advisory group for food services is being formed, and a Collegewide survey about food services is planned.

<b>Instructional Materials Accessibility and Affordability</b>. Although Follett now manages bookstore operations, the Academic Services Council and Operational Services Council passed a joint recommendation that the College retain management of the Instructional Materials Accessibility and Affordability Guidelines. The councils also recommended that a standing committee be established to serve as a resource to the community in partnership with the bookstore vendor regarding course material affordability and accessibility. The College Council approved the recommendation, and it has been forwarded to Dr. Pollard for consideration.

Feel free to share your feedback about governance in the annual survey:

-- By Cindy McCormack, Governance Recorder

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