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Rockville Campus Construction Notice

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Published: 2017-10-06 00:00:01.000

Dear Students, Faculty & Staff,

The Office of Facilities would like to provide you with a construction update for Rockville new Student Services Center. The first phase of construction is set to begin on Wednesday October 4th. This includes installing temporary fencing around the entire footprint of the construction site. Areas impacted from the fencing will include parking lot 4, the walkway located west of Campus Center, and portions of the walkway on the north side of Humanities building. The first phase of construction will alter pedestrian foot traffic along North side of Humanities building, including the walkway between Humanities and Campus Center.

See included map for guidance of the following:

The two exit doors located on the north side of Humanities building will be used only for emergency exits during the first phase of construction. Signage will be placed on the doors indicating "emergency exit only". Under normal operation, Students, Faculty, and Staff will be asked to exit the building using the east, south, or west exits. In addition, the walkway located on the west side of Campus Center will end at parking lot 4. No pedestrian foot traffic will be permitted beyond that point.

To help guide pedestrian traffic around the construction site, I have included the phase one map. The map features the construction fencing layout, Humanities emergency exits, and pedestrian pathways around the construction area.

As always, thanks for your patience as this significant campus improvement is being completed.

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