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Bowie and Bowling with FYE!

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Category: Student Affairs

Published: Nov 22 2017 12:00AM

The FYE (First Year Experience) Program at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus hosted a Bowie and Bowling trip on Friday, November 10th. Several enthusiastic MC students from the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus; Professor Shelly Bennett, FYE Coordinator for the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus; and Angela Dawson, College-wide FYE Program Coordinator, ventured to Bowie State University's (BSU) campus for a very informative and inspirational tour. The students were met with very well-informed and ambitious tour guides who transferred to BSU within the past two years. They shared their wisdom, love for BSU, challenges and inside information that only a BSU student could provide. Following the tour of BSU, the group engaged in a rousing and competitive game of bowling in Laurel: ladies versus gentlemen. The day was productive, informative, engaging and fun.

FYE is on the move and helping students to make their move! Look for future events promoted and hosted by the FYE program on all three campuses. Connecting first-year students to Montgomery College by * Educating * Empowering* Engaging * Embracing * Exciting * Enriching * Empowering * Exploring.

FYE's mission is to connect first-year students to Montgomery College by
*Educating students on services and resources.
*Empowering students to make their move toward their goals.
*Engaging students in Montgomery College and the community.
*Embracing students by meeting them where they are.
*Exciting students through the experience we provide in their first year.
*Enriching students' lives by providing, promoting and supporting learning opportunities that will help them grow personally, professionally and academically.
*Empowering students to initiate goal setting and decision-making.
*Exploring opportunities so students can discover who they want to be and plans they can make to realize their dreams

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