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Published: Dec 19 2017 5:39AM

Montgomery College is committed to the ethical pursuit of the College's mission, vision, and goals. The College recognizes the importance of fostering and maintaining an ethical environment across the College community. As a complex organization, the framework for ethical decision-making can be different from different perspectives, especially when encountering difficult situations.

When faced with an ethical concern or decision, employees are encouraged to talk with their management. If contacting your supervisor is not possible or you wish to file a confidential report, Montgomery College is providing a reporting line hosted by EthicsPoint. EthicsPoint is a confidential and anonymous third-party reporting line, replacing Red Flag Reporting.

<b>EthicsPoint toll-free reporting:</b> 844-572-2198
<b>EthicsPoint online reporting:</b> <a href=""></a>

EthicsPoint provides a means through which employees can report suspected fraud, financial irregularities, questionable business activities, or unethical conduct. Employees are doing the right thing by reporting suspected misconduct, and prompt reporting of misconduct allows the College to act quickly to address potential issues. For further guidance, please see the new College Policy and Procedure 31000-Code of Ethics and Employee Conduct, visit the <a href="">ethics website</a>, or contact the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics at

What protections exist for making a report of an ethical violation?

The College is committed to protecting individuals from interference with making a protected disclosure and from retaliation for having done so. No individual, who, in good faith, reports a violation or suspected violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment, academic, or educational consequence. The College Policy and Procedure, 61008-Reporting Suspected Fiscal Irregularities or Fraud with Whistleblower Protections, provides protection against retaliation for making a good faith report.

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