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ATPA Implements Electronic, Easy-to-use Academic Progress Report Tool

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Published: 2018-03-09 05:24:56.033

A cornerstone of the ATPA program is the relationship between the student's 1:1 coach and the instructor in each of the student's classes. The professor provides periodic updates on the student's progress to their coach, who works with the student to enhance their academic performance.

We now have a quick and easy, electronic, online tool that takes a minimum amount of time, about two minutes, for instructors to use to provide information to the coach, to be discussed with the student. Instructors can use this simple electronic form to provide comments and feedback to students performing well or exhibiting signs of academic distress.

Academic progress reports are intended to assist students with reflection on their academic performance and take action, if necessary, for successful course outcomes. Achieving the Promise Coaches will review academic progress reports with students and link them to appropriate services (tutoring, counseling, advising, etc.) if necessary.

ATPA students have agreed in writing to this process and are expected to provide their professors with an introductory letter, which alerts faculty to expect an email from the ATPA requesting an update on their academic progress, up the three times per semester. It only takes about 2 minutes to check the boxes on the form, enter a brief comment, if appropriate, and click submit, to send the form back to the student's coach.

Should the faculty receive the email from "ATPA Academic Coach" before the student delivers the letter to them, they may ask the student for the letter or may go ahead and submit the report, as all ATPA students have signed the letter and it is on file with the ATPA.

If an instructor has any questions, we will be glad to hear from them at

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