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Effective Fall 2018: Developmental Math Corequisite Restructure

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Published: Aug 13 2018 12:00AM

In Fall 2018, Montgomery College will implement a new developmental course structure based on a co-requisite model, whereby most students who require developmental coursework will enroll in a credit level math class with an accompanying learning support course. This model of providing 'just in time' support has been adopted by many institutions nationwide and has proven an effective way to remediate students while also decreasing time and cost to completion.

In the new structure, MATH 117 and MATH 120 will exist in the course schedule as stand-alone courses and students who do not require developmental coursework should be advised to enroll in one of these sections. The course schedule will also include sections of MATH 117 and MATH 120 that will have linked co-requisite courses. Students who require developmental work should sign up for a co-requisite course (for instance, MATH 117 + MATH 017 or MATH 120 + MATH 020). If a student wants to spread this over two semesters, they will be able to first enroll in MATH 092-which serves as a pre-requisite for both MATH 117 and MATH 120.

More details about how this affects students currently taking developmental coursework can be found in the attached FAQ document.

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