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Looking for Volunteers to Help With Germantown Community Day, March 30

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Marcy Norton at Montgomery College, Germantown Campus, March 7


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Anonymous and Confidential Reporting Line for Employee Concerns

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ELITE Workshop: Using Micro-learning Strategies to Promote Student Success

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Memorial Service and Celebration of Life for Doug Kitchener Saturday, March 2, at the RV Campus

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Ex-Child Soldier, Hip-Hop Artist, and Motivational Speaker Emmanuel Jal at the Cultural Arts Center, March 8


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New! Report Phishing Emails on Your Mobile Device

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MC-AAWCC Membership Virtual Meeting, March 13

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Civility in the Workplace? Next Workshop: April 30

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FUN WORK: Laughter, Play and Humor to Reduce Stress and Solve Problems 2019 Workshops

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Vounteers Needed for Asian Festival at MC!

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Jaydan Moore: Vestiges in the Silberman Gallery, Feb. 26-March 22

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Show Your RAPTOR Pride-Volunteer at a Mobile Market

Anonymous and Confidential Reporting Line for Employee Concerns

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Category: Compliance Office

Published: 2019-02-25 00:00:01.000

<b> What kind of concerns can be shared through the reporting line? </b>

The EthicsPoint confidential reporting line provides a way for employees to report concerns of any nature.

Employees may report concerns about <b> suspected fraud, waste, or abuse, financial irregularities, harassment, discrimination, conflicts of interest, unethical conduct, or any violations of College policies and procedures </b>. EthicsPoint is a reporting line hosted by a third-party, and employees have the option of remaining anonymous when submitting a report.

<b> Toll-free reporting: 844-572-2198
Online reporting: </b>

When faced with a concern or decision, employees are encouraged to talk with their supervisor. If contacting your supervisor is not possible, the EthicsPoint reporting line provides a confidential option.

<b> The College has developed a "Roadmap for Employees to Address Issues" to help employees navigate where to obtain assistance with resolving their concerns </b>. For further guidance, please see the College Policy and Procedure 31000-Code of Ethics and Employee Conduct, visit the ethics website, <a href=""></a>, or contact the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics at

<b> Prohibition of Retaliation </b>
Those who report alleged wrongdoing are protected against retaliation. No individual, who, in good faith, reports a suspected violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment, academic, or educational consequence.

The College is committed to protection against retaliation. In June 2018, the Board of Trustees adopted a new policy, 39003-Protection Against Retaliation, which provides protection against retaliation for making a report in good faith. The procedure provides examples of retaliation. Organizations embrace a speak-up culture by encouraging people to speak up and by protecting them against retaliation when they do.

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