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Middle Schoolers Have Tons of Fun with Programmable Electronics

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Published: 2019-08-13 00:00:01.000

<p>On the Germantown campus this summer, Professor Monica Mellini and some of her MC students, offered three different week-long courses that provided middle school students hands-on opportunities to work with programmable electronics. The camp participants designed carbots, cubic creations, and smart wearables. At the end of each week, the young scientists got to take their creations home.</p>
<p>During "Carbots" week, students programed an Arduino Uno controlled robotic car fully equipped with sensors and actuators. For "Fashion Geeks" week students designed and built smart wearables with the Lilypad controller sewn into sports gear, accessories, and toys!</p>
<p>In the "Cubic Creations" class, students designed a laser cut acrylic panel mounted in a 3-D printed base with a 64-LED array illuminating the panels. They chose the colors, patterns, and transitions and ultimately did their own soldering, with assistance of course. The finished light sculptures had knobs and buttons for the user to control light level and change programs.</p>
<p>Thank you to WDCE, Greg Downs, Monica and her students for making this amazing STEM experience possible for middle schools students.</p>

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