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Need to Get Along Better with Co-Workers From Around the World?

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Category: Professional Development

Published: 2019-09-10 00:00:01.000

<p>Apply for the Tapestry Institute for Cultural Competence, a cohort program for employees available through MC LEARNS. Seven all-day sessions and one half-day class, September 24- April 7. The supervisor must sign off on the application, due Friday, 9/13.</p>
<p><i>What the heck is Cultural Competence?</i> It means being sensitive to body language and tone of voice. It means listening to understand, and shifting behaviors to show respect. It means being informed about world events that impact MC families. It means practicing skills to support student success, like checking in--<i>Did they get their ID's? How are classes going? Are you hungry? Everyone treating you OK? </i>It means the ability to connect with students and visitors from around the world. <b>How do you learn and find a safe place to practice?</b></p>
<p>The Tapestry Institute is a learning community of 12-24 people in classes that improve teamwork and customer service skills. Activities and discussions help you recognize everyday challenges of equity and inclusion, like communicating across differences in language, race, ethnicity, faith, gender, and more. <b>Today's employers</b>, like MC, want employees who are continuously learning. Tapestry Institute builds your capacity in ten critical areas of cultural competence.</p>
<p>If aa cohort is too big a commitment, this year register for a single class, a Tapestry elective, using MC Learns: <i>"Media Literacy", "Multicultural History of the U.S.", "Multicultural History of Montgomery County", and "Eco-Diversity."</i></p>
<p>Contact Laura White (240-567-4297) for more information,</p>

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