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Public Safety to Start a Central Dispatch

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Published: 2019-11-04 00:00:01.000

<p>The new Public Safety Central Dispatch will disband the three individual campus dispatch centers by merging into one primary center. Central Services C113 will house the future communications dispatch center for Public Safety. The dispatch center at Central Services will provide a central location to communicate directly with all Public Safety officers, EMS personnel, and others to coordinate their activities for routine, urgent and emergency situations. The center will monitor life safety systems, CCTV and countywide emergency and weather-related incidents. There will be multiple dispatch console computer-based communications systems to interface to the colleges and other public safety agencies' radio systems. The dispatcher will field initial incoming calls to obtain location and other pertinent details from the caller to make the initial determination of the level and type of service needed. The dispatcher will then assign actions to the proper staff at the proper location to respond to the scene.</p>
<p>Public Safety's communications dispatch center will provide a vital service to the college community by streamlining and professionalizing front line communications. Integration of trained professional dispatchers, a new computer aided dispatch program and report management system will reduce liability and increase compliance through streamlined tracking, reporting, and accountability. Radio linking, tracking and recording will also provide for greater safety for officers. The center will have the ability to function as an emergency communications command center in the event of a major emergency.</p>
<p>Lastly, the transition will allow for better allocation of a Public Safety officer's time to proactively patrol and respond to calls instead of being stationed at a static post on each campus as the current model operates.</p>
<p>The center is projected to be operational midyear 2020.</p>

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