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Psychology, Anthropology and the Bond Between Dogs and Humans

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Published: 2019-11-08 00:00:01.000

<p>Two therapy dogs, certified through PAL (<a href="" target="_blank" data-auth="NotApplicable"></a>), joined two psychology classes on Friday, November 1, to demonstrate how dogs can support humans physically and emotionally. The PYSC 102 students in Professor Monks' classes learned about the different kinds of working dogs and of the power of oxytocin to bond humans and dogs in a relationship that has been part of the human story for more than 15,000 years. Anthropology professor, Dr. Maria Sprehn, also joined the classes to provide the anthropological perspective on the enduring and widespread relationship between dogs and humans.</p>
<p>During the classes, Maria Helena Malagón and her two Hero Dogs-trained Labrador retrievers (<a href="" target="_blank" data-auth="NotApplicable"></a>), Scotty and Sammie, demonstrated examples of the skills that highly trained dogs are capable of doing to support their human companions. These Hero Dogs can perform tasks such as finding and retrieving keys, credit cards and cell phones, pulling-off socks and shoes, opening doors, and interrupting incipient behaviors to a panic attack. During this stressful time in the semester, the visit was a most welcomed break for students in the classes and everyone in the halls of the HS building.</p>

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