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Category: Student Affairs

Published: 2020-01-20 10:44:03.443

<p>The Achieving the Promise-Peer2Peer Program has Peer Mentors avaiable on each campus to provide a reliable relationship to MC students and help them with the following:</p>
<li>Building relationships at the College</li>
<li>Getting involved in College activities, events, clubs, programs, and organizations</li>
<li>Connecting with College resources</li>
<li>Utilizing effective test taking and study strategies</li>
<li>Developing skills in time management, organization, problem solving, communication, and self-advocay</li>
<p>Peer Mentors are student leaders in at least their second year at MC. Students who would like a Peer Mentor should complete the <a href="">Peer Mentor Request Form</a>. Faculty and staff can refer students for mentoring by completing the <a href="">Staff and Faculty Referal Form</a>. Please see the <a href="">Peer2Peer Program</a> website for more information about mentoring and other <em>Students Supporting Students</em> initiatives.</p>

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