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Memo from Jan. 17: Update on the Closure of the PE Building, Rockville Campus

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Published: 2020-01-30 00:00:01.000

<p><b>To: </b>Montgomery College Community</p>
<p><b>From: </b>Donna Schena, Senior Vice President, Administrative and Fiscal Services</p>
<p><b>Subject: </b>Update on the Closure of the PE Building, Rockville Campus</p>
<p><b>Date of Memo Distribution: </b>January 17, 2020</p>
<p>This memorandum is to update the College about the work in the Physical Education Center (PE) on the Rockville Campus to ensure the wellness of students, employees, and others. The College has expanded the scope of the asbestos abatement project, which will now include the replacement of all old ceiling tiles, any damaged floor tiles, and replacement of any damaged plumbing joints that contain asbestos. Replacement of ceiling tiles in the pool area is scheduled for this summer to coincide with other maintenance that requires draining of the pool. This expanded scope of the project, while delaying the reopening of the building, goes beyond that recommended by the College's abatement consultant in the interest of ensuring a clean and safe working environment.</p>
<p>After allowing time for state mandated regulatory protocols, the abatement contractor will begin the work on January 28. The building work areas will remain closed and signage and barriers will be used to designate restricted access. HVAC systems will be sealed and turned off during the project. The abatement contractor will seal building work areas and employ negative air pressure to prevent escape of dust. A third-party environmental testing consultant will conduct daily air monitoring in the building during the project. The College is following guidance from Maryland Occupational Safety and Health and Maryland Department of the Environment for the entire project, and all contractors and consultants are licensed for this type of work.</p>
<p>Upon the completion of the abatement work for each section of the building, the College will commission a series of tests for the presence of asbestos, particulates, and mold. Once the testing confirms that the abatement was successful, the College will have a specialist contractor conduct a thorough cleaning of that section.</p>
<p>As the abatement and environmental testing progresses, sections of the PE Building will reopen in phases. Please note the following projected progress dates:</p>
<li>January 21--MT002 will be open and ready for use by staff/faculty</li>
<li>January 24--both gymnasiums open</li>
<li>January 28--abatement work begins inside the building starting with the locker rooms area</li>
<li>February 10--pool area will be open for use</li>
<li>February 14--the dance studio will be available for use</li>
<li>Still TBD--entire PE Building open (information will be shared at later date)</li>
<p>The relocation and rescheduling of classes in the PE Building will be extended to allow for this work. Please <a href="">check the MC website for updates</a> on class schedules.</p>
<p>Employees needing access to the building to retrieve materials or equipment should contact the Rockville Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management at 240-567-5111 <b>no later than January 24, 2020</b>. All access to the building will be prohibited during abatement.</p>
<p>The College continues to offer workplace and healthcare consultation and services for employees and students who have questions or concerns about the abatement project or their use of the PE Building. Please post your questions and comments to the form on <a href="">this webpage</a>.</p>
<p>I sincerely regret the inconvenience and concern that the abatement project has caused. Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we work to remedy this situation and ensure a safe learning and working environment for students and employees.</p>

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