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MC Alum Wins NASA Space-Race Competition

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Published: 2017-10-06 05:43:35.160

Determined to be successful in his studies at Montgomery College, Mustafa Sharif enrolled in the fall of 2010 in the well-known MC Engineering Program. He received his associate's degree in General Engineering in May 2013. Mustafa attributed the strength of his background in engineering to the MC faculty for their dedication and to Dr. Donald Day, his counselor, who directed him to pursue his dream to specialize in Biomedical Engineering at George Washington University.

With this strong support, he was admitted at George Washington with Biomedical Engineering as his major with a minor in Biophysics in the fall of 2013. Mustafa received his Bachelor of Science degree that qualified him to be admitted in the fall of 2015 at Johns Hopkins University to pursue his studies for a Master's Degree in Biotechnology - Enterprise Concentration Program.

The research connected to this program allowed Mustafa to acquire the knowledge to apply Super Hydrophobic Technology for biomedical applications. After months of hard work and innovation, Mustafa and his team established "Genetoo Inc." Its core function relies on a patent developed by NASA and is offered for scientific research and applications.

Genetoo applied to participate in the start-up of a "SPACE-RACE" competition organized by the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) and sponsored by NASA. The competition offered scientific innovation opportunities to scientists and researchers nationwide.

Mustafa and his team won the CAI-NASA program where start-ups have been challenged to adapt NASA space technology into modern day business ideas. Mustafa and Genetoo successfully rose to this challenge by winning!

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(Mustafa is second from left in the group photograph.)

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