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Ethics Training Reminder: June 30

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Category: Compliance Office

Published: 2019-06-24 00:00:01.000

<p><b>Ethics Training Reminder: June 30</b></p>
<p><b>This fiscal year there are two ethics trainings required of employees: Online and In-Person.</b></p>
<p>Ethics training is required for employees in all divisions by <b>June 30, 2019</b>, including full-time credit faculty, staff, temps with benefits, department chairs, and administrators. Part-time credit faculty, WDCE part-time non-credit faculty, and casual temporary employees are welcome and encouraged to take the training, but it is not a requirement.</p>
<p>Check out the fiscal year 2019 required training website for more details: Frequently Asked Questions are available on the ethics training website:</p>
<p>The online ethics training is available in MC Learns under the Required Training section. Once completed, each employee's MC Learns training history will indicate the required classes are complete. Please note that the online ethics training history is listed under the "Online E-Courses" section in MC Learns.</p>
<p><b>Why are there two required Ethics trainings?</b></p>
<p>The College has required two ethics trainings to lay the foundation to further build the ethical culture at MC. Each training serves a somewhat different purpose. The Focus on Ethics in-person training provides employees with an opportunity to engage in discussions directly with their supervisors and colleagues about the Code of Ethics, to discuss typical ethical dilemmas together, and to use resources to guide toward a reasonable outcome. The Ethics@MC online training provides employees an opportunity to complete ethics training at their own pace, to attest to receiving the Code of Ethics, and to work through modules in topics such as discrimination and conflict of interest.</p>
<p><b>Let Us Know Your Thoughts!</b></p>
<p>Your feedback is important in helping us increase the quality of the College's Ethics training program. Employees can submit feedback about the online ethics training and the in-person ethics training directly to the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics. Please check out our ethics training website for more information.</p>

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