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Published: 2020-01-21 00:00:01.000

<p>Does your course require your students to conduct basic research? Evaluate information? Present what they learned in a paper or presentation? Cite sources?</p>
<p>If so, the MC Library can help!</p>
<p>Every spring semester Blackboard course has a "Library" link in the course menu. Clicking that link will take you to three tools:</p>
<li>Help Your Students Save Money with Library Course Reserves: this tool lists course-related materials that you as the faculty member have requested for your students through the MC Library. Faculty can use the tool to request that course-related items, like textbooks, journal articles, book chapters, and more, be placed on reserve in the library. Encourage your students to use course reserves and help save them the cost of a textbook.</li>
<li>Help Your Students Complete Assignments with Library Course Pages and Research Guides: Our library course pages, research guides, and research toolkits are mini-websites built by MC librarians to help your students find, evaluate, present, and cite resources for a specific class or on a specific academic subject. These guides are a great way to help your students meet assignment outcomes.</li>
<li>Build Your Students' Skills with Information Literacy Content: Help your students develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. This tool enables you to easily pull tutorials, videos, and quizzes, into your Blackboard course. These items cover information literacy concepts like reading a scholarly paper, searching with keywords, debunking fake news, and citing sources. You can select the most relevant tutorials, videos, or quizzes for your outcomes and embed them directly into your Blackboard course for your students to access.</li>
<p>We hope you find these tools helpful this spring semester! If you need any assistance with them, please <a href="">access our support materials online</a> or <a href="">contact the librarian</a> from your campus who specializes in your subject area.</p>

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