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Frequently Asked Questions: How to Submit a Story for Inside MC

Step 1: Submit story through the link Submit Your News

Step 2: Enter your contact information.

Step 3: Choose a category for your story that best fits the overall theme of your submission. If your story is about an award or honor, the best category may be Accolades. If you would like to announce a change in College policy, then Need to Know may be appropriate.

Inside MC Online editors from the Office of Communications may need to reassign your story to a different category upon editing.

Step 4: Give your story an informative, short headline. Use words to hook the reader into reading your story, giving prominence to the subject of the story. All words within the headline should be capitalized, with the exception of articles and prepositions.

Step 5: The first 20 words of your article will appear directly under the headline as a teaser in the e-mail digest. Please make sure that these 20 words are different from what you write in the headline. Remember these should be as informative as possible.

Step 6: In the Story Text window, paste the text of your article. Include everything that is important in terms of what, who, when, where, how, and why. Please keep in mind that online newsletter stories should be kept as concise as possible. The shorter, the better. Stories cannot be any longer than 5,000 characters.

If you wish to submit a detailed article that requires great length, please type it as a Word document and attach it to the story. Write a teaser in the body to direct viewers to read the attachment for the full story. This process should be used sparingly.

Step 7: Attach any photo or image using the .jpeg format. Inside MC Online editors want to illustrate stories with photos and illustrations rather than clipart illustrations. In submitting photos and images, you are representing and warranting to Montgomery College that you have rights of ownership or use of the work for the purpose submitted and that you have full rights and authority to agree, and do so agree, to license use of the photo or image to Montgomery College for the purpose of publication in Inside MC Online, and for such other republication and editing as the College may determine to be appropriate without need for further permissions or approvals. You will be responsible for any and all claims of infringement or misuse by third parties

In addition, the height or the width of the photo may not exceed 200 pixels. Add a caption if necessary.

The first attachment will be the image that appears alongside your headline. Any additional images uploaded should be submitted in the same format, with a dpi resolution no higher than 72.

Other attached nonimage documents will be included in the story page. Inside MC Online editors recommend submissions for those documents in .pdf format. Please remember that Inside MC Online is available on the web, so post only those documents that are public.

Step 8: Choose up to five dates for publishing your story on Inside MC. The article that you are submitting may only appear in its current format five times for five days.

For articles with longer shelf-lives and for which you would like the piece republished beyond the five-day parameters, you must rewrite your article to include a new headline and a new article slant or new article information. At that point, you must resubmit your article using the Submit Your News online form.

Please also note that the first date of article publishing is determined by the Inside MC Online team. For articles with less time-sensitive subjects, editors will use their judgment on when to best showcase your topic to allow for maximum viewer readability.

Step 9: If you have any comments or suggestions regarding your posting, place them inside the Your Comments box. These will not be published.

Step 10: Spell check your story or preview the final submission. After you have reviewed your story one last time, submit!

To ensure that your submission is considered for the following business day's edition, you must submit your item before 3 p.m. the day prior.

Additional Tips and Pointers About Inside MC Online:

  • Acceptance of submissions for publishing is dependent upon approval and selection. Montgomery College will not automatically send you updates on the status of your submission.
  • Articles must be submitted exclusively by the Inside MC Online form to ensure that article publishing takes place in a prompt manner.
  • Inside MC Online editors will determine article placement and category locations on the page of each issue based on the timeliness of each news article and the originality of the subject matter. The Office of Communications determines that placement within the context of all article submissions.
  • Accent marks, tildes, and en dashes cannot be displayed over letters. Even if they appear correctly in the submission window, the editing software cannot properly reveal it. Accent marks and tildes must be removed from letters, and en dashes must be converted to hyphens, prior to submission.
  • Web URLs can only be active links if they are preceded by http://. Please make sure that all web addresses submitted as part of an Inside MC Online article are active and hyperlinked in the Preview window prior to submission. Note: Web URLs cannot appear in headlines.
  • Please note that the Inside MC Online submission is exclusive to the newsletter
    If you wish to post an event on the College calendar, you must use this submission form:
    If you wish to publicize an event through the MC home page rotating photo carousel, send a request to Institutional Advancement through this submission form (which is available only to MC students and employees): Requests will be accommodated as time constraints and available space allows.
  • If you have additional questions about these submission guidelines, please contact the Inside MC Online editorial team, Marcus Rosano, media relations specialist, at, or Chelsea Waugaman, publications specialist, at

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